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1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching


1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching

Target audience


CfC Objective

Supporting Families and Parents



Delivery Setting

School-based; community-based


The 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching program aims to help parents and carers manage difficult child behaviour with a focus on strategies and techniques that promote positive behaviour; encouragement in developing the child's ability to manage their emotional reactions; and relationship-building.

Delivered to

Parents and carers of children aged 2-12

Delivered by

Child practitioners, allied health professionals and early childhood educators.

Program Structure

Select from:

  • 3 x 2 hour group sessions (maximum 25 participants) conducted weekly; or
  • 3 x 2 hour one-to-one sessions conducted weekly.

Training is required and typically offered as a one day course.


Please contact Parentshop for associated costs.


Phone: 1300 738 278

Evaluation and effectiveness

A single randomised controlled trial was undertaken, showing significant improvement in child behaviour post-implementation and significant improvements for carers and parents. The program appears to be beneficial as a prevention and early intervention program for preschoolers with externalising and/or internalising difficulties who were at high risk of maltreatment.

Porzig-Drummond, R., Stevenson, R., & Stevenson, C. (2014). The 1-2-3 Magic parenting program and its effect on child problem behaviors and dysfunctional parenting: a randomized controlled trial. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 58, 52-64.