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Baby Makes 3


Baby Makes 3

Target audience


CfC Objective

Healthy Young Families
Supporting Families and Parents


VicHealth, Carrington Health

Delivery Setting



Assists first time parents to adapt to the demands and expectations of parenthood, and promotes equal and respectful relationships during the transition to parenthood.

Delivered to

Universal - new parents in the immediate post-birth period.

Delivered by

Trained facilitators, parenting support workers, community support workers, Maternal and Child Health Nurses.

The programme must be led by a male and female facilitator.

Program Structure

Baby Makes 3 is a discussion-based programme led by a male and female facilitator. The programme consists of three, two-hour sessions on key topics relevant to lifestyle and relationship changes following the birth of a child, including additional father-only sessions.


In-person training is required to run the programme. Contact the organisation for further information.


For information about pricing, contact the organisation directly.


Phone: (03) 9890 2220

Evaluation and effectiveness

The programme was evaluated in 2011 (Flynn, 2011). Participation in the programme improved parents’ awareness of how traditional attitudes to gender and parenting norms were shaping their new families and relationships. Participants also reported greater understanding of partners’ roles and greater support for equality in their relationships.

Flynn, D. (2011) Baby makes 3: Project evaluation report. VicHealth and Whitehorse Community Health Services LTD: Melbourne.