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DRUMBEAT (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts)


DRUMBEAT (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts)

Target audience

Early childhood (3-5 years)
Middle childhood (6-12 years)
At-risk or vulnerable

CfC Objective

Supporting Families and parents
Early Learning and Care



Delivery Setting

School-based; community-based


A music program focusing on exploring healthy, supportive relationships, emphasising teamwork and cooperation.

Delivered to

'At-risk' children aged 5-18 and parents who are socially dislocated or alienated.

Delivered by

Trained professionals

Program Structure

DRUMBEAT involves up to 12 participants in 10 x 1 hour sessions with specific themes including self-responsibility, values, emotional expression, identity, peer pressure, harmony and teamwork.

The program finishes with a public performance.


DRUMBEAT delivers regular 3 day training workshops throughout Australia. An online version is available to participants who live in remote areas of Australia.

In-house training is also available for a minimum of 10 staff.

No musical background is needed. For training options and dates, go to:

For information on hosting the training go to:

  • The standard training course is $895, however, costs may vary.
  • The price for online training is $995.

Discounts available for group registrations.

Prices for drums vary and can be purchased through the organisation:


Phone: (08) 9416 4444

Evaluation and effectiveness

An evaluation (mixed method and a control group) was conducted across three schools in Western Australia with 60 student participants identified as being at risk of alienation from their schooling (Faulkner et al, 2012). The average age of participants was 12 years. Results showed improvements in self-esteem, decreases in absenteeism, decreases in antisocial behaviour (as reported by teachers), increases in levels of cooperation, and high satisfaction with the program.

Faulkner, S., Wood, L., Ivery, P., Donovan, R. (2012). It's not just music and rhythm: Evaluation of a drumming-based intervention to improve social well-being of alienated youth. Children Australia, 37(1), 31-39.

A full research summary PDF (223KB) is available here: