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Parents as Teachers (PAT)


Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Target audience

At-risk or vulnerable Pregnant women, Parents and Carers of Children aged 0-3 years.

CfC Objective

• Supporting Families and Parents
• Healthy Young Families
• Early Learning


Family Support Network Inc.

Delivery Setting

Home Visitation Program


A Home visitation program that focuses on five core competencies:

  • Family support and parenting education
  • Child and Family development
  • Human diversity within family systems
  • Health safety and nutrition
  • Relationships between families and communities

Parents as Teachers (PAT) is an early childhood parent education, family support and well-being, and school readiness home visiting model based on the premise that "all children will learn, grow, and develop to realise their full potential."

Implementation and delivery

Based on theories of human ecology, empowerment, self-efficacy, attribution, and developmental parenting, PAT involves the training and certification of parent educators who work with families using a comprehensive online curriculum. Parent educators work with parents to strengthen protective factors and ensure that young children are healthy, safe, and ready to learn.

The aims of PAT are to:

  • Support and increase parent knowledge and behaviour - improving and strengthening relationships within families
  • Enhance observation skills
  • Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices
  • Early detection of developmental delays and health issues
  • Techniques to prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Increase children’s school readiness and school success
Delivered to

Parents and carers anywhere in Australia.

Delivered by

Trained family support workers, community workers, psychologists, early childhood workers, supported playgroup facilitators, child protection case managers, Maternal Child Health Nurses.

Program Structure

Training consists of 3 days of Foundational Training for Parent Educators.


In person training is required. For more details please contact Family Support Network


For costs of the program please contact Family Support Network


Phone: 02 66212489 ( Ask for Sarah)



Evaluation and effectiveness

Multiple RCTs and peer reviewed studies.

Summary of relevant evidence can be found here: Parents as Teachers – An Evidence-Based Home Visiting Model:

Parents as Teachers Information Resource

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A History of Australian Evaluation of PAT can be found here: