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Second Step


Second Step

Target audience

Early childhood (3-5 years)
Middle childhood (6-12 years)

CfC Objective

Supporting Families and Parents
Early Learning and Care
Create Strong Child-Friendly Communities
School Transition and Engagement


Positive Pieces Education

Delivery Setting

School-based, community-based


Second Step is universal program designed to increase students’ school success/ school-readiness, improve peer relationships, and decrease problem behaviours by promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation. Curriculum differs according to age groups.

Delivered to

Children aged 4-13.

Delivered by

Teachers, counsellors

Program Structure

Second Step learning kits are available for children at each age level:


Online training included for all users with purchase of program.


Program kits range from $440-460.
Program bundles range from $850 – $3,190
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Phone: 1300 769 919

Evaluation and effectiveness

Second Step has undergone multiple RCTs . The program has been shown to be beneficial as a universal, healh promotion and preventative program for preschool and kindergarten-aged children. Results also show significant improvements in social, emotional, problem solving skills and lower frequency of disruptive behaviour (including verbal and physical aggression) post implementation in the classroom.

A full list of research findings is available at: