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Signposts for Building Better Behaviour


Signposts for Building Better Behaviour

Target audience

Early childhood (3-5 years)
Middle childhood (6-12 years)

CfC Objective

Supporting Families and Parents
Early Learning and Care



Delivery Setting

Community-based; school-based; home-based


Signposts for Building Better Behaviour aims to:

  • Enable parents to manage difficult behaviour of their children with an intellectual or developmental disability
  • Signposts Early School is a variation of the program for typically developing children of early primary school age.
  • Provide parents with strategies that promote positive behaviour in their children.
Delivered to

Parents of children aged 3-16 with a disability or developmental delay or parents of typically developing children who are early primary school aged.

Delivered by

Family and child practitioners

Program Structure

Select from:

  • 6-8 x 2-2.5 hour fortnightly group sessions delivered in services; or
  • Individual face-to face delivery at parents’ or carers’ home or clinic.

Training dates and costs are made available by contacting the Signposts team:


$900 for two days of training.
Additional Parenting Materials $60


Phone: (03) 8660 3500

Evaluation and effectiveness

Multiple RCTs undertaken. Maintenance of improvements observed after training.

A list of Signpost studies are available online: