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Tuning in to Kids


Tuning in to Kids

Target audience


CfC Objective

Early Learning and Care
Supporting Families and Parents


University of Melbourne

Delivery Setting



Tuning in to Kids parenting program aims to promote the development of emotional competence and prevent behavior problems in young children by improving parents’ own emotional competence as well as teaching them emotion coaching skills.

Delivered to

Parents of children aged 4-12.

Delivered by

Trained family, community, health and education practitioners.

Program Structure

Tuning in to Kids is designed as 6 x 2-hour weekly sessions with a structured manual for group facilitators. It is intended to be a group program with 8-12 participants and ideally 2 co-facilitators. It is also possible to adapt the delivery of this program.


Attending a 2-day training course is required to become a facilitator. Training is offered regularly throughout the year in most capital cities:

An In-Service Model of training is also available for organisations who are looking to train larger groups of people. For this service, contact the organisation.

  • 2-day training course and program manual: $836 per person
  • The cost for in-service training will depend on the size of the group and travel-related requirements. You can find out more by contacting the organisation.

Contact person: Ann Harley
Phone: (03) 9371 0210

Evaluation and effectiveness

Tuning in to kids has undergone several studies and evaluations (including an RCT) for various intervention groups.
A full list and summary of the research is available here: