Protecting Australia's Children: Research and Evaluation Register, 1995-2010

'Getting the big picture': a synopsis and critique of Australian out-of-home care research

Project summary

  • Out of home care (including leaving care)
Publication/completion year 2007
Researcher(s)Leah Bromfield
Purpose of the project The 2005 report, 'Out-of-home care in Australia: messages from research', reviewed Australian research on out-of-home care to examine good practice and carer needs for Indigenous children.

This current paper is an update and summary of that report, condensing the findings to examine the quantity and quality of research. It outlines what is known in the key areas of the characteristics of natural families when children enter care, outcomes for children and young people in care, the recruitment and characteristics of foster carers, reunification issues, participation of children and young people in decision making, leaving care, cultural considerations in out-of-home care placements and Indigenous carers, residential and specialised models of care, kinship care, and professional personnel.

Research focus

Research/evaluation Research only
Addresses issues relating specifically to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleYes


States/Territories studied Not specified


ReportsBromfield, L., Osborn, A. L., Australian Institute of Family Studies, & National Child Protection Clearinghouse. (2007). 'Getting the big picture': a synopsis and critique of Australian out-of-home care research. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.


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